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O.G. Financial Services is a boutique accounting and administration firm specialised in fully dedicated accounting and advisory services for international companies.
We offer high quality services, tailored completely to our client’s needs.
The services include CFO services, administration, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, tax returns, budget and internal reports to management and related advice.
In addition, our networks enables us to work with the most experienced specialists  at reputable national and international tax-, notary- and law firms.
Our clients can therefore count on having the best possible advise under “one-stop-shop” in a short time and convenience price.
We render services to a serious number of clients and we have qualified Dutch, English, and Hebrew speaking staff in our office.
Our clients enjoy the most efficient and immediate service while avoiding the time and cost overheads and enjoying faster performance at a fair fee.

* Based in Amsterdam, capital of the Dutch financial market

* Founded in 2013, serious growth since than

* One-stop-shop service

* Dedicated team of experienced colleagues

* Service is the key word in working with our clients

* International clients from a wide range of sectors: Real eatate, Startups, Cyber, Biopharmaceutical, Agriculture and food, Marketing and Media